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LEN MIN STEEL SDN BHD was established in January 1994 to lend support to the ever growing demand for construction building materials supplies due to the rapid expansion of Malaysia’s infrastructure needs. With the government setting vision 2020 as to make Malaysia to become a developed country infrastructure plays a vital part in boosting economic activities connecting major cities, sea ports and airports via highways.

Over the years it has established itself as a capable and strong supplier of all types of materials from structural to interior finishes materials supplies. Initially Len Min Steel Sdn Bhd started out as a structural steel importer and stockist that imports Universal Beams, Channels, Purlins, Angle Bars, Hollow Sections from China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. During the early year 2000s we have shifted from being a pure importer of structural steel to become a dealer in general building materials carrying steel bar, wire mesh, common clay bricks, cement, timber, plywood, steel, precast concrete, floor tiles, sanitary wares, lock sets as well as metal roofing on top of the structural steel products that we have sold all the while.

This approach has broaden our products range and thus increase our competitiveness in providing a one stop center for customers to obtain full range of materials from us and therefore widening our appeal and customers range from renovators, engineering workshops to building/infrastructure contractor and developers.



Bonding the gap between the needs of contractors and building materials manufacturers for the growth of the construction industry and be an integral part of nation building by constantly sourcing for innovative quality products that leads to quality buildings and structures.



To be the preferred building materials supplier in Peninsular Malaysia by setting up two branches one in the north and the other in the southern peninsular to provide close support to customer’s projects.

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